European Entrepreneurship Programme

Partner organisations from Poland , Germany and Italy have been cooperating for considerable amount of time to define the mutual understanding of European entrepreneurship and exchange their experience on the situation of the young people (aged 16- 30) on the local, national and European market. Having defined together the major elements of the term “European entrepreneurship” we decided to create the comprehensive “European Entrepreneurship Programme”, implement and test its effectiveness on the chosen group of the youth form the partner countries. We all perceive building entrepreneurial skill as extremely vital in shaping the potential of the youth, especially taking into account the fact that the majority of the young people involved come from underprivileged environments (geographically or socially) and they are not supported enough in terms of entrepreneurial skills. Building and reinforcing those skills will have a positive effect on their further learning and career paths. In the long term it could contribute to building the European economic youth potential.